Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials!

I do Vows commit to creating wedding ceremonies that are tailored to suit you and are unique to you. They are memorable & fun, relaxed, yet sacred and beautiful .... in the garden, on the beach, in a chapel, in the park, under the trees, in the forest......


Rev. Linda Everitt is a qualified Marriage Officer / Wedding Celebrant registered at the Department of Home Affairs since 2010.  She can legally marry any couple including same sex couples.   Linda completes all the documentation that you provide so that you just sign the documents on your big day. See the list of the documents required by DHA below.  Over the past nine years Linda has officiated mixed religion couples, mixed culture couples, mixed race couples, Same Sex couples, Foreign National couples as well as South African and Foreign nationals.

If you do not belong to a specific church, synagogue or other religious organisation, or if your family minister is not available or is unable to travel to your wedding location, Linda will fill that gap. She will do everything she can to make sure your own personal beliefs are represented in your ceremony.   I Do Vowscaters for all faiths, mixed faiths as well as no faith.

Linda is here to weave some magic into the most memorable day of your life!

What is included:-

You get an official marriage certificate on the day   

Your documents are lodged personally by Linda at Department of Home Affairs  - no waiting in long queues.
Together, we design a unique ceremony.  (we have lots of innovative ideas)
No long, boring sermon - the emphasis is on love and the symbolism thereof.

Unlimited emails/telephone contact for information or advice.

Travel costs / Accommodation arrangements are negotiable.

You have the option of signing the legal documents with a beautiful feather pen.

The use of a stunning wedding arch (optional). 

The use of a portable sound system with mic (optional).


Documents Required:  

Both parties are South African 

One party is South African, the other a Foreign National

Both Parties are Foreign Nationals 




Types of Wedding Ceremonies offered:

Romantic Weddings - Inter-faith spiritual weddings

Pagan; Wiccan; Celtic; Norse (Viking) Weddings

Handfasting- Themed Weddings – Elopement

Vow Renewals & Commitment Ceremonies

Kiss & Go Ceremonies (Legalities Only)

Co-officiated wedding ceremonies