I love weddings.  I love small weddings and big weddings, private weddings and party weddings, quirky weddings and formal weddings.   Weddings come in all shapes and sizes and for me there is nothing more wonderful than seeing two people celebrate their love.   Weddings are a time of celebration and I am passionate about helping couples create something special.  I love to weave some magic into your Big day!

Since being appointed in 2010, I have worked with over 300 couples to deliver over 300 beautiful ceremonies.

I am enthusiastic, professional and attentive.   I pay close attention to the small details.   Together, we create a ceremony unique to you.  It is important to me that we create, and I deliver the type of ceremony that you want.  I have an easy-going, optimistic personality, ensuring that you feel confident and relaxed on your SPECIAL day, be it your wedding, your Blessingway or your baby’s naming ceremony.


Services offered:


Romantic Weddings - Inter-faith spiritual weddings

Pagan; Wiccan; Celtic; Norse (Viking) Weddings

Handfasting- Themed Weddings – Elopement

Vow Renewals & Commitment Ceremonies

Kiss & Go Ceremonies (Legalities Only)

Co-officiated wedding ceremonies


Baby Naming / Wiccaning

Funeral; Memorial Service; Wake; Farewell Ceremonies


Blessingway  ( Baby Shower )

Home & Business Blessing

Energy Healing: -

 Reiki; Angel; Fairy & Crystal Healing