Naming Ceremonies

Baby naming / non-religious baby welcoming / alternative naming ceremonies


Simply put, a naming day is a symbolic celebration that requires no licences and has no legalities.

A naming ceremony can take any format that you choose. It can be a simple welcome to the world, a formal naming of your child, or a blessing for your baby and family. It is also a time for you to make certain promises and commitments to your child, and for other important people in your child’s life to give well wishes, and pledge their support.

Baby Blessing Ceremony

A baby blessing is a public opportunity to have blessings bestowed on the child and the parents.

Some parents will opt for a blessing ceremony without the baptism ritual.  This way they reserve their child's right to decide on being baptized or not.  A blessing or welcoming ceremony can be held whenever the parents feel ready – sometimes within the first few months of life, often around the child’s first birthday. (And no, its never too late to hold a blessing ceremony for your child!)

Blessings or good wishes may be bestowed on the child by the significant people in her life, eg parents, grandparents, older brothers and sisters, godparents or guardians who will have a special role in the child’s life, and/or by the assembled circle of family and friends.

Baby naming days are not just for babies either! A lot of people choose to combine a ceremony with a child’s first birthday, but children of any age can have a naming ceremony.  Multiple children can be involved in the ceremony  -  it’s lovely to have a joint celebration.  There will be no extra charge where the siblings are also to be part of the naming ceremony

You can hold your ceremony in any location – your home or garden, a local park, beach or hired venue. 


Adult Naming Ceremony

A naming ceremony is also for an Adult who has found the need to change his/her name and lifestyle.