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Blessingway  ( Baby Shower )

Home & Business Blessing

Energy Healing: -

 Reiki; Angel; Fairy & Crystal Healing




Blessingway – ( Baby shower)  - A mother-to- be blessing day – The Najavo way.    The ceremony is focused on the Mom-to-be.  She is pampered and blessed – with the following: - a foot soak and foot massage / hand massage /  neck and shoulder massage 

 A Najavo water blessing ceremony - to wash away the possible fears of child birth and child rearing.  Weaving the web ceremony - woman blessings  


A few gentle fun games – (no stupid games that embarrass or make the mom-to-be feel uncomfortable)

Gift giving and un-wrapping  (supplied by guests)

Feast (Supplied by Guests) or , at an additional cost,  platters can be provided.



Home and Business Blessing – Clearing of stagnant and negative energies in your home or business.

 And then Blessing your home or business.




Energy Healing – Gentle energy healing – Reiki / Angel healing / Fairy healing / Crystal Healing.

  • Colour healing coming soon