Funeral / Memorial / Farewell Ceremonies

Funeral / Memorial / Wakes / Farewell Ceremonies are conducted with dignity, simplicity and compassion.

I have spent the last nine years helping couples enjoy one of the most important days of their lives - solemnising their marriage. Now, as I become ever more respectful and in awe of the rites of passages that mark our lives, the time has come to open my heart to embrace the honour and privilege of being a Funeral Celebrant, as well.

It will be my honour to “hold the space” for you and your guests to remember your loved ones in a real, meaningful and gentle way. Since conducting quite a few funerals since 2015, I see what a privilege it is to hold the space for a grieving family to cry, laugh, hug, sob… And since these experiences, it’s now something I’m called to do.

I am very aware of how difficult death can be for family and friends and the enormous grief that is being experienced.

I am a compassionate person who has experienced the joys and sadness that life can present and, because of this, I have an empathy for people, which I believe qualifies me to be a voice for them at such a time.

I offer a personal service where I will spend time with you to talk about your loved one and discover their likes, achievements, passions and create a ceremony that will reflect and honour them. 

If you are faced with the decision to create a farewell ceremony for a loved one, let me assist you in planning the funeral or memorial ceremony. I can help you create the farewell service that reflects the feelings and beliefs of your departed loved one.   This tribute will be a celebration of his/her life and your emotions towards your loved one.

Saying farewell to the flesh (the mortal temple of the soul), is just the beginning of saying goodbye – the start of the closure process. Releasing his/her soul will be your way of letting go and this will make the journey of your dearly departed easier. A customised service can be non-denominational, interfaith, spiritual or pagan.



·               A variety of ceremonies is offered  

          - Non-denominational / Interfaith / Spiritual / Civil / Pagan

·               A planning meeting with the family of the deceased.

·               Travel to the venue of your choice.  (Travel is included up to 50 km)

·               Officiate the proceedings


The key part of the preparation for the ceremony is to meet with you to gain a complete understanding of what you want.   There are no rules.   We will make suggestions that build on what you want to help you achieve your aims.

A typical ceremony may look like this:

Music to enter


Bible reading and prayer (depending on religion)

Words of comfort

The Tribute / Eulogy

Music for reflection (while placing flowers/petals on casket or lighting candles- optional)

Words of farewell


Music to exit


In my capacity as an Independent Funeral Celebrant, I am not aligned or contracted to any particular Funeral Home. If you would like my help to create a fitting farewell for a loved one, please contact me on our contact page, or please ask your preferred funeral home to contact me.


Many people are unaware that they have choices when it comes to the person conducting the ceremony, the location and the style of ceremony.


Funeral Ceremonies can take many forms these days:

·       Graveside

·       A religious service in a church

·       Religious or civil ceremonies at a funeral home or crematorium

·       Memorial service without the presence of the coffin. This may take place anywhere you choose ie a home, a park, a beach, a hall, the bush/forest             or somewhere significant to the deceased.

·       Private cremations, which may be followed by:

o   Scattering of ashes at a location that is significant t to the deceased

o   Outdoor celebrations which may include music, dance, poetry, speeches, photo boards etc


The way to guarantee that your departure is as you would want it - is to organize it yourself and write it in your will.